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2019-07-30""I was pleased to be able to upgrade to a different room type due to family issues. The front desk clerk had information about area restaurants, but it would've been nice to have that information in the room.2018-04-30", DT;53234-SEA, EA;03252-SEA, TO; OLMTS-SEA, RL;15570-OLM, QI; WA130-SEA, GI;45798-SEA, LQ;6662-SEA, BW;48113-SEA, CI; WA126-SEA, HX;03617-SEA, IQ; USLCC-SEA, YO;2726-SEA, RA;30856-SEA, HI;2724-SEA, CI; WA072-SEA, QI; WA161-SEA, LQ;6124-SEA, OZ;03896-OLM, DI;47582-SEA, BW;48173-SEA, OZ;03908-OLM, FN; SEADP-SEA, BW;48180-SEA, HT;64782-SEA, HX;16502-SEA, FN; OLMRO-SEA, YX; CLSLE-SEA, YX; SEAWL-SEA, YX; SEAPH-SEA, BW;48021-SEA Hotels near Downtown Olympia 4.2 miles SE Hotels near Providence St.

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Good breakfast selection, and the eating area was large and comfortable.2017-05-02""We were impressed as soon as we entered the hotel; the lobby was impeccable, and the customer service was excellent.

My room was on the 3rd floor, and the hotel didn't have an elevator. When I returned from dinner, the room was roasting because it turned out the AC didn't work.

The clerk sent up an industrial fan that was as loud as an airplane and just circulated the hot air, and the window only opened a few inches.

We stayed at the hotel for 3 nights, and though the room was cleaned daily, we never got more toilet paper.

By checkout, we were completely out.2018-07-22""It took 45 minutes to check in.

The room had a kitchenette, but I had to ask the front desk for dishes and utensils.

There was mold on the underside of the sink, and the elevators were dusty.Over on the home page, Tiana Lowe tells the tale of the campus craziness at the Evergreen State College of Washington.I’d encourage you to read the entire piece, but the basics are just as absurd as we’ve come to expect.The room was clean, and the towels were the softest hotel towels I've ever seen.2015-06-21""The room was clean but small, and it was crammed with furniture.My husband slipped and fell out of the shower, tearing the shower curtain; I informed the front desk so we could get a new shower curtain and was disappointed that no one even asked if my husband was OK.The filter basket for the coffee maker was missing. Don't stay here.2018-07-14""Our hotel room smelled like stale smoke, and it left my clothes smelling of smoke, too.

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