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We googled it and didn't find anything important done by a moose in the first 30 seconds. We've gathered some very valuable animal facts for your brain to soak up in the next minute or two. May your day be filled with the finest tuna, sun-filled catnaps, and may you finally catch the ever elusive red-dot. Go ahead, test your kitty knowledge and see how many of them you already knew!

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Product reviews posted by customers at the web's most famous e-commerce site,, are a useful tool when buying online, but it seems some customers have too much time on their hands and have been playing around with them. You don't necessarily have to be a dog owner to resonate with these tweets, all you need is to be a dog lover -- which, I'm pretty confident, we all are.

So, get ready to howl with laughter at these 27 insanely relatable tweets! If you love cats and got a great sense of humor, you'll love these life-size cat butt tissue dispensers!

Just in case you need even MORE Caturday goodness, you've come to the right place. We bet there's a few cats of this list that would surprise you.

The commentary for the following list has been compiled by Imgur user Plaid Walrus.

The resulting maps are surprising, we knew cats are used to roam around the neighborhood during the night, but nobody could imagine that some of the cats walked as far as 3km.

Look at these maps to understand the way cats actually move at night.

4 GPS Trackers Reveal The Crazy Distance Your Cat Goes At Night 5 21 Adorable Photos Of Cats Sitting On Glass Tables Follow The Laughs Facebook Twitter Pinterest 1 2 3 4 5 Have an idea or a criticism?

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