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There is quite a bit of difference between them as fiancé refers to a male who has been engaged and about to get married while fiancée refers to a woman engaged to a man waiting for her marriage.Fiancé is pronounced as fɪˈɒnseɪ and fiancée is also pronounced as fɪˈɒnseɪ.

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However, fiancé and fiancée are often confused by many and there are some who use these words almost interchangeably.

These are actually French nouns that refer to a person getting married.

If you are engaged to a man, you will refer to him as your fiancé while talking about him in your friend circle. In earlier times, a man and a woman who got engaged did not have sexual relations before marriage, and they became man and woman only after marriage.

But times have changed and it is common to see an engaged couple living together without getting married.

They married in June 2018, but after six months together, the cracks appeared.

Viewers dubbed Colt a “mama’s boy,” with his meddling mother becoming a contentious issue in his marriage.Authorities, however, said that the injuries were self-inflicted and Larissa was the aggressor.She reportedly punched Colt in the head and was arrested.In French language, nouns are male and female, which means every noun is either male or female.Thus, fiancé and fiancée are male and female nouns used to refer to a person about to be married.In ideal conditions, if everything goes according to plans and the marriage does take place, the fiancée becomes the wife in the relationship.

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