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Chelsea leans forward, pausing just inches from Raven's face. "The two gravitate toward one another, compelled by a mutual need. "I look like I'm about to audition for The California Raisins," Raven mutters, unplugging the drain. "Eddie can do the see-no-evil one," she decides, her words muffled and distorted."Gotta love ya, Chels," Raven murmurs, crossing to her closet to choose an ensemble for their bowling alley outing. Chelsea, with her megawatt smile and chaste sensuality and unabashed adoration for the psychic. Chelsea says what she means and means what she says. Chelsea has managed to conceal the non-platonic aspect of their relationship, both from her parents and from Raven's parents. But Raven is worried that if Eddie knows, he will accidentally disclose the secret, and she isn't sure that Tanya and Victor will react favorably to the news. When she is finished, the psychic joins Chelsea on the couch."Want some more? Lips part to permit the entry of tongues, an oral exploration. "He made our kiss go amiss.""This is not good, Biscuithead.""Knock, knock."The two turn to the doorway of Raven's basement boudoir. ""It's-me-Chels-I'm-standing-right-in-front-of-you who? The designer steals one last caramel cream kiss before turning and climbing the stairs.

"I'm gettin' up outta here before they drop me in a little red carton and pack me in some kid's lunchbox.""Naw, Rae, it's cute. a fuck."Raven's eyes expand in diameter, and she feels the urge to insert a bar of soap into Chelsea's mouth. The designer rifles through her creations, a wardrobe that would put Joseph and his amazing Technicolor dreamcoat to shame. Chelsea, with her-The phone rings, jarring Raven from her thoughts. Raven can't even predict what Eddie's reaction will be. " Chelsea offers, lifting the lid off the box of caramel creams. Raven hopes that their game of tonsil hockey will go into overtime. Standing on the landing is Eddie Thomas, clad in jeans and a red-and-yellow striped polo shirt."Who's there? She keeps close to the railing, ensuring that there is enough room for Chelsea to walk not behind her, but beside her.

Although, technically, jaybirds aren't naked; they've got feathers. Reaching her bureau, she pulls open the top drawer and begins sifting through its contents. ""Coming," Chelsea chirps, and skips into the bedroom. As she is about to reply, she notices that the redhead is concealing something behind her back. ""Wheezy," Chelsea informs her companion, holding him in plain view, "has been ab-duck-ted.

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Approaching her girlfriend, Chelsea greets Raven in her customary perky fashion. ""Hey, boo."Chelsea bends at the waist and pecks Raven on the cheek.

"I signed us up for the summer reading club at the library," the visitor announces, as she plops her rump onto the rug in front of the tub, setting her bag down beside her. 'Cause you're wet and…" Chelsea trails off, her thoughts disintegrating. " her companion chirps, bouncing with enthusiasm, resembling Tigger the tiger. "The psychic fleetingly known as LL Cool Rae decides to humor her girlfriend. " she gushes, sliding onto the chair in front of her vanity table.

Raven squeezes the toy's midsection, releasing a puff of air from the circular hole punctured in its underside.

When she does this, the duck squeaks – or, rather, it wheezes – and it is for this reason, and not for Louise Jefferson, who moved on up, that she has dubbed the duck Wheezy. "Raven shakes her head and rolls her eyes and laughs softly, because Chelsea will never change."No.""Okay, I'll come back later.""Get in here, Chels!

Chrave."Caramel Creams Kisses" is the long overdue sequel to my first Chrave story, "Cotton Candy Kisses." If you haven't read that one, or if you would like to read it again before you begin reading its sequel, just click on my name, Allison Lindsay, and you can access the story via my profile.

The kind of eerie composure that often accompanies anger. " Raven and Chelsea can you go do the dishes please? Chelsea whispers in his ear and then he busts out laughing. " So, raven how are you going to tell your parents and devon that you are pregnant? " Whatever you say watermolon" said Chelsea while still laughing. " asked Randy while putting some dirty dishes in the sink. "Did y'all just forget to tell me that you're dating? " he demands, his voice growing increasingly subdued.A brief update for everyone: Since completing the first story in the Kisses series, I've been quite the busy bee.YOU ARE READING Teen Fiction Raven and Devon have been dating for 2 yrs now. How will her parents react, and what will Devon do and say? " Nicki, you are performing in 30 minutes" said Nikko ( her manger) " Ok, well guys i have to get ready" said Nicki.

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