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If your device cannot find and download the Evo app, it likely does not work with Evo.

Minimum device requirements for supporting Evo and the Evo app are: We don’t just update the Evo app.

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Flash endlessly updating

Doing so using Samsung Kies or the phone's internal update check would result in a "firmware modified" error message which basically meant that could not update the phone the normal way.

I did research the issue and discovered that I had two options.

For Android users, the Bit app is supported on all tablets with a screen size of 9 in. The Bit app will not work on i Pad minis and similarly sized tablets.

Bit Ozo Groove is a universal i OS and Android app supported on tablets.

The operation itself was really easy to perform and I ended up with a rooted device in the end.

Recently, I have been trying to update the phone to the new Android version released for it.

Evo makes sounds and has multiple, multicolored LED lights.

You get color code markers, a charging cable, a playfield, activities, and the free app with Evo.

The camera and OS requirements are similar to the Bit app. The Bit by Ozobot and Bit Ozo Groove apps are for use with Bit on tablets.

Find the apps in the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Always play with Bit indoors on a clean, flat surface.

Calibrate Evo whenever you change surfaces (paper to screen) or lighting conditions. If you make the colors too dark with multiple passes, blue or green will look like black to Evo. Video: How To Draw With Evo Ozo Blockly is our block-based programming editor.

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