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In other words, you get the benefit of presenting the very latest desired information online, with no effort on your part.Due perhaps to a misguided perception that it is difficult to add the necessary coding to make RSS work within a website’s framework, it remains an extremely underutilized resource.The above coding can be inserted into the home page, or any interior page.

Although there will be recognizable faces, Fox Nation will include a new roster of anchors and commentators as well as new programming.

Hiring is expected to begin in the second quarter, the company said.

“With our traditional cable viewership at an all-time high, we are proud to announce a new digital offering geared entirely toward the Fox News superfans, who represent the most loyal audience in cable, if not all of television,” said John Finley, Fox News’ SVP Development and Production, in a press release today after the first revealed details of the OTT service Sunday night.

“This initiative will capitalize on providing that viewer, who is among the most affluent and well educated in cable, with a highly specialized content experience on a platform they can watch anytime, anywhere.” The new service will not overlap with Fox News and its broadcast.

You can manually change the coding variables in the following expression: As noted, you can raise or lower the set width of the display. If, for example, you want to create more space at the top of the newfeed box, the ‘margin-top’ expression can be upped to 20px, or higher.

The newsfeed can also be updated to accommodate a new source very easily.

Say that you got tired of the BBC feeds, and instead wanted to incorporate news from CNN.

The required adjustment would be made to the following line: As this brief tutorial demonstrates, it is both quick and easy to incorporate a newsfeed into your site.

To begin utilizing the Feed API, insert the following script into the Head section of your web page, beneath the meta tag area and just in front of the closing Head tag: The width of the four-stack vertical dynamic newsfeed is set at 440px by default, but it can be adjusted based on the size constraints of the given area within the page, or the HTML table, in which it is placed.

The newsfeed pointer rotates continuously between the news items, displaying a link and short summary for each.

Google has developed an exceedingly convenient method to display RSS feed data, via their Feed API feature.

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