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You can also use the reference page (MTOC) to make the required changes.

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"Discoverable." That's a new Adobe buzzword for features that users can discover on their own.

I'd say that adding a tab character between the entries and page numbers in a table of contents does not fall into that category.

This how-to will walk you through the steps you need to perform to create a table of contents in a Frame Maker document.

With this single book update operation, mini TOCs present in all document within the book are updated.

One of my most memorable consulting moments was watching a student update her Frame Maker book and TOC and then manually add all the tabs after Frame Maker stripped them out.

I can only imagine what she was thinking with each tap of the Tab key: "I hate Frame Maker, I hate Frame Maker."Don't hate Frame Maker!

A generated file is a file Frame Maker populates by extracting paragraph text or marker text from one or more source documents.

A TOC is a list of chapter title and heading paragraphs; an index is an alphabetized list of text stored in index markers.

The completely re-thought and re-designed user interface with many smaller and bigger improvements, the new HTML5 based and customizable “Welcome Screen”, compatibility with high-res / high-dpi screens up to 4K, the smart command search, better image handling, the new project manager, enhanced conditional tags, enhanced DITA authoring and management, omnichannel publishing and brand-new modern and Section 508 compliant Responsive HTML5 outputs with the new predictive auto-complete search bar and much more got overwhelmingly positive reviews.

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