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Opening a chat window also offers agents the flexibility to navigate to other pages within the Upland Mobile Messaging platform while chatting with one or more mobile subscribers.

Ultimately, Upland Mobile Messaging allows you to easily answer questions, receive comments, or simply talk to your mobile subscribers outside of an automated text message campaign.

Four examples of successful two-way SMS programs Many Upland Mobile Messaging customers use our two-way text messaging features to engage with their mobile subscribers one-on-one.

Finally, agents also have the option to remove the message from their queue, select “no response needed,” or opt the subscriber out of the campaign.

If no action is taken within five minutes, the message is automatically returned to the queue.

Text messaging encourages customers efficient communications and eliminates common issues such as mishearing an agent’s response or having to write down a piece of information while on the phone.

Customers can also do other activities while waiting for an agent’s response, giving them more flexibility and freedom than being kept on hold.Our dashboard allows any number of agents to respond to outstanding profiles in the message queue simultaneously.To respond to a subscriber, agents can compose a message directly or select a pre-written response from a drop-down menu.One of the most sophisticated features of the Upland Mobile Messaging platform is the ability to communicate with individual mobile subscribers in one-on-one conversations.Instead of using text messaging as a one-way channel to blast information, our platform gives brands and organizations the opportunity to engage in truly conversational exchanges with anyone on their mobile list.Other advanced Agent View features include the ability to filter all messages by campaign, set up email notifications, select multiple profiles to perform bulk actions, and view statistics for each agent for admin users.

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