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] #4 If you were with me right now *if you could do anything to me right now*, what would you do?

[Read: 7 unique and naughty texting games to have fun all night long!

flirting IRL, is that you never know who’s behind that screen.

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But in a new relationship, even a few minutes of silence can seem awkward and scary, like both of you are suddenly losing your compatibility!

One of the first things new couples want to do is get to know things about each other.

] #5 If we were just friends and I got drunk with you, would you take advantage of me?

*There’s a good chance that just asking him this question will sexually arouse him.* #6 Do you like it when I’m coy-and-sexy or bold-and-sexy?After all, it removes the threat of seriousness and at the same time, makes the whole conversation seem more light-hearted, sexy and even intimate.But then, there’s the awkwardness of talking sexy for the first time, even if you’re trying to ask him a question or two.*Some guys like it when their girl is dominating in bed and in control, while most guys love it when they’re making out with a girl who’s more shy and bashful in bed.* [Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy craves to see in his girl!] #7 Tell me about the sexiest dream you’ve ever had about me.Comical Cards with humorous captions and images to amuse that special someone.

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