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We offer trauma therapies and will help you explore the shame around your disorder.We’ll help you learn to be vulnerable and trust people again. Treatment for underlying issues – Sex addictions are often fueled by co-occurring mental health disorders.Call 888-477-6285 to learn more about specialized intimacy, sex and relationship addiction treatment for women at The Ranch.

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Please note that the site is intended solely for people over 18 years of age.

The Center for Relationship and Sexual Recovery at The Ranch provides gender-separate treatment.

Additionally, each client has a licensed and highly experienced female therapist specifically dedicated to guiding her throughout her stay.

Our sex and love addiction program for women includes: We treat love and sex addiction in women simultaneously with co-occurring issues, such as substance abuse, emotional trauma, eating disorders and other addictions.

We use evidence-based therapies to help people with sex addiction and relationship issues. Our mental health professionals address all the issues you’re facing.

You’ll move forward with self-acceptance and healthier relationships. Some parents are scared to talk to their kids about such a personal issue. If you are not yet an adult, strongly recommend to refuse to view and leave portal!Our sex addiction treatment team draws upon this information to develop an individualized treatment plan that includes the most effective therapies for each client.Some of the unique features of our love, relationship and sex rehab program include: Learn more about our therapies, take our sex addiction assessment or call 888-477-6285. Our women’s sex addiction and intimacy disorders program provides a nurturing, accepting space where women can heal deep emotional wounds and learn how to develop honest, healthy connections.Our gender-separate treatment center helps you feel more comfortable sharing about difficult topics.

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