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In July this year David Velasquez Caraballo, Venezuela’s Ambassador to Tehran, denied that his country is a “producer or seller of uranium” or had ever discussed supplying it to Iran.Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, a radical left-winger and long-time ally of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, warned earlier this week that rising global tensions over Tehran could lead to nuclear war.El Aissami rose rapidly through the ranks of Venezuela’s power structure, becoming the country’s vice president last month.

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El Aissami, the son of Middle Eastern immigrants who went from being an unknown student leader to the country’s powerful interior and justice minister.

He also became a confidant of President Hugo Chávez. El Aissami wields newly decreed authority to expropriate businesses and lock up rivals seen by the leftist government as traitors. El Aissami is also accused of being a drug kingpin leaves him in the company of other top officials in the Venezuelan government.

El Aissami had held he had been the enemy of the narcotics rackets. El Aissami had ordered the arrest of scores of Venezuelan kingpins over the years, some of whom were even extradited to the United States, Mr. He took a degree in criminology and law at Mérida’s University of the Andes, where he was also a student leader of a leftist group. Chávez’s orbit and soon found himself catapulted into the center of power as a vice minister, then in 2008 as country’s interior and justice minister.

When he was about 30, he entered politics, taking a seat in the country’s National Assembly, representing the governing leftist movement led by Mr. It was there that analysts say he forged unorthodox positions on law enforcement, particularly when it came to policing and the prison system. Chávez created a force called the Bolivarian National Police. El Aissami said the new system would fight crime by bringing it under a national command, critics saw a political motivation: taking security out of the hands of opposition mayors and governors who ran their own forces in places like Caracas, the capital.

“He was permissive of everything that happened,” he said. El Aissami left the governorship to become vice president, the state was among the most dangerous in the nation, according to the Venezuelan Violence Observatory, a nongovernmental group that tracks crime. El Aissami might not only have looked the other way when it came to Venezuela’s rising crime, but played an active role in it.

The Treasury announcement, however, included no evidence for the accusations. Crime has soared in Caracas and elsewhere in the years since. El Aissami responded by ceding more control to the restive gang leaders in an effort to end the rebellion, said Jeremy Mc Dermott, director of In Sight Crime, a research organization. Mc Dermott, who interviewed people linked to the prison system, the government began relaxing control over the prisons, which allowed gang leaders to take over. El Aissami governor of Aragua, a coastal state adjoining Caracas.This may have prevented more riots, but it fueled the growth of powerful organized crime rings, known as the pranes, that flourish behind bars and continue to haunt Venezuela today.“It was one of the key moments in the development of the pranes,” Mr. El Aissami’s tenure as interior and justice minister. But people interviewed there say that the influence of gangs began to grow shortly after his arrival.Carlos Ramírez López, a Venezuelan legal expert, rejected the view that the sanctions were political. “They are not sanctioning him because he’s a revolutionary,” he said, adding that the Americans were following charges that had haunted Mr. But Reyes was killed on March 1 2008 and it is unclear whether or not the Venezuelan government had been contacted about the plan.

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