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Along the lines of the bipolar issue, a great many fantastic artists don't fall within the normal range of "acceptable mental health:" Lee “Scratch” Perry, George Clinton, Darby Crash.Do you fear that dealing with those issues may cost you some artistic prowess, or, is that concept a complete misnomer? Well, the guys on your list have done a lot of drugs.

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Though pain can inform experience which can surly inform great art.

There is no scientific formula and neither great art nor great pain are quantifiable, so, this is all theoretical.

And by the time we were working on Fuck World Trade we had also gone through a pretty brutal hostage type situation with Epitaph Records/Hellcat Records who clearly did not want to have anything to do with us.

I can only imagine what would have happened if our record was scheduled for release the following week. Anyhow, we were young and time dragged on really slowly.

I wouldn’t say that they act outside of the realm of “acceptable mental health” when it comes to being enshrouded in a perpetual fog of weed smoke like Lee, a crack addict like George, or just plain silly fucking wasted on whatever like Darby.

I don’t think these people are whom I would choose as examples of great artists that struggle with mental illness.

Beyond musicianship, he’s a great artist and it was great having him, Franz, Peter and Lucky make the song sound the way that I had imagined.

“Soon We’ll Be Dead” has the lyrics, “Soon we’ll be dead… it ain’t a big thing.” Scott, did you really feel that way? I found out only a few years ago that I’m bipolar. I cut out a lot of destructive habits from my life and I try really hard to get enough sleep to keep me sane.

Please, call me Sturg or Stz, my mom calls me Scott. I can quite easily fall into a kind of despair and depression that has me consider suicide as an option. A lot of people are bipolar that really have no idea about it.

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