G1 not updating

Some folks are reporting that you have to remove the batteries from an XPro transmitter before attaching it to USB to get the firmware updater to recognize it. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

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In network settings all my boxes are checked correctly, except the check mark is light gray and not black. Kind of frustrated me over the weekend because I run from screen si on my 1199 and sonar/chart on my helix…

So I just had to change it up a bit and run map on 1199 and sonar/si on my helix… Thanks you may have tried these, but just to be sure: – when powering up, turn on the one controlling the SI transducer first – after it’s running, turn on the other unit – wait a few minutes for them to connect over the network – check that the 1199 is in advanced user mode (defaults might have reset it) – menu / setup / user mode – set-up transducer selection for each unit (not the network connection) – menu / sonar / connected transducer – scroll through the options, select the one that’s connected to the unit – set up network sources for each unit – menu / network source setup – 2d / Advanced / GPS / Temp for the source you want each unit to display Thanks Michael.

If your device does not yet have a firmware update posted, suck it up and The only way to fix a mismatch like this is to reload the proper firmware image, but this depends on the device being able to recognize the firmware update request, and sometimes the correct/current firmware image you need is not available.

Requesting the firmware from your retailer or Godox may be your only recourse. G1 is for pre-AD200 devices; G2 is for AD200 and later devices; G3 is for AD400 Pro and later devices.

If Internet Explorer renamed it as a archive and you do not have tools to extract the archive contents, you can simply rename it to

Also, the format has changed in recent updates so you may simply need to update your archiving application (e.g., update Winzip to the latest version).If you are updating an AD200, AD360II, or AD600, make sure that you are using the USB port, not the USB-A port that is for attaching an FTR16 receiver if you want to use Godox's older 433 MHz radio system.If you are using a micro USB cable and the G1/G2 software doesn't recognize the device, consider trying a different cable.Check the Godox downloads page to make sure you're using the correct application for your device.Both applications, when installed, should also install a custom USB driver.Make sure you're using the correct cable for the device.

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