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“It feels like the Kiss Cam plays off basic [misogynistic] assumptions of power and consent,” he says, “so much that I bought into its dynamics enough to feel compelled to apologize after it was all done.” The kiss cam seems like a lighthearted gimmick, but underneath the surface is a more insidious cultural pressure and message.“You’re creating a social situation in which there is an expectation to engage in touch—both suddenly and publicly,” says Melissa A.The role of the kiss cam at sporting events ranges from pure entertainment to an opportunity for sponsorships.

It’s usually good for a laugh or two, but in an evolving world, one in which we’re having complicated and nuanced discussions about sexism, agency, and consent, it’s worth asking what role—if any—the kiss cam has in our current sports culture.

What can seem like a routine in-game gimmick can come with a deeper significance. Ten years ago, Shprintzen moved from New York to Chicago for grad school.

Fabello, a sex researcher who studies how people make meaning of their experiences with touch.

Dan Wade, a Minneapolis resident who works in digital media, says the pressure of being caught on the big board made him feel like he had to kiss his ex-girlfriend when they ended up on a kiss cam at a Minnesota Twins game in 2006, a little more than a year after their breakup.

All he can recall is the total embarrassment of the situation.

Looking back on it, he says he’s disgusted with both his own reaction to it and the fact that he was put into the situation at all.

Only the Philadelphia 76ers said they didn’t run one, and the Boston Celtics said they did it “maybe once per season, if that.” The other 17 teams either did not respond or declined to comment.

While most WNBA and NFL teams forgo the gimmick, it’s still used in MLB and NHL games too.

Kiss cams have been a mainstay of the sports fan experience for more than three decades.

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