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Boaters are free to sail around the islands, of course, and depending on the season, those who stop to fish may be rewarded with fluke, flounder, porgies, bluefish, blackfish, striped bass or weakfish. For people intent on setting foot on one of the islands, the best bet is Plum Island, which is Government property.

For many years, it was the most tightly guarded of the islands, because of the classified work done there.

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'' Especially as more and more people come to the East End, we've got to have'' refuges for wildlife.

Naturalists prize the islands, with their coastal cliffs, freshwater ponds and glacial boulders, as home to an abundance of creatures and vegetation.

Hedging his bets, he also obtained a land grant from King Charles I of England.

The Montaukett tribe's wiley sachem, the legendary Wyandanch, had decided to make allies and trading partners of the English after white soldiers killed hundreds of fierce Pequots in Connecticut.

But the sachem and the Englishman also became dear friends -- some say blood brothers -- especially after an enemy tribe kidnapped Wyandanch's daughter and Gardiner personally arranged her safe return. Gardiner's daughter was the first child of English descent born in New York.

She died as a teen-ager, and in her terminal delirium accused an unpopular local woman, Goody Garlick, of witchery.

Gardiner is the guide, he relishes telling the island's stories.

In 1639, the original Lion Gardiner, over six feet tall and red bearded, bought the island from the Montaukett Indians, bartering a large black dog, blankets, a gun, powder and shot for it.

'' There are plenty of other places -- parks and preserves -- where people can go.'' Outsiders are clearly unwelcome at the private islands, as no-trespassing signs attest.

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