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Is there any scientific research, or data from the big dating sites to help singles craft the perfect message?There’s a fair amount of data and research surrounding language and online dating sites, and I find it both …Need the perfect ugly Christmas sweater, but haven’t a clue where to find one, or what kind will suit you best (or worst)?

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I'm happy and proud of myself for getting out there. I work in news broadcast and he works in sports radio broadcast. It no longer felt like it was just a casual “watching all the stories on his dash” thing from him. It went very well, I felt like we really connected and we both made each other laugh a lot of times, and I genuinely felt like we had a connection.

He knows one of my good friends at work, and went to school with another coworker of mine. I'd like to ask her out in the future despite only knowing her for a short period of time.

The other day, I started looking for some love myself quotes. I was feeling crummy and wanted something to cheer me up and lift me out of my slump.

Something to put on rotate when I turned on my phone, to fill up my Instagram feed, and maybe even print off to use in …

I know I can be social, that I am person who has a good career and spends time working on myself, and I have a lot of good friends.

But when it comes to relationships I am literally don’t know where to start.

In an effort to put together a FAQ wiki, I'm going to be periodically collecting answers to some commonly asked questions. Please use this daily free-for-all thread to ask for advice, rant and rave, share something you've learned about dating, and help people.

So, when you're tired of online dating, where do you meet people? Remember our rules, be sure to include ages and genders if you need help with a specific situation.

After that we had a few more conversations and said good bye.

While I was rejected I did not feel embarrassed for having asked and had a great night all things considered.

If I get a a hint of someone liking me I get awkward and start finding reasons why I shouldn’t date them.

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