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Let’s work on making them happy first, its really simple and is overlooked by most people.The simple rule to making someone happy is to be happy yourself.[Read: 9 straight steps to win a girl’s heart and impress her effortlessly! If you want it straight from the horse’s mouth, almost always, unless you play it slow and easy, this girl won’t leave her boyfriend for you.

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The things you love the most consequently have a lot of value. Things that are replaceable, or are easily attainable have little value in our lives.

So make yourself valuable and people will love you. The concept of value is relative, in an organization, the most valuable person is the boss even if in another situation, he could be completely insignificant.

This is why so many secretaries are attracted to their boss. Let’s take this concept and apply it in practical situations.

If you’re in school, then the most valuable person will be the person that is most respected by his peers.

Well, here are a few signs that could point you in the right direction. She waves out wide and grins widely when she sees you across the hallway. She asks you out, or tells you to take her out sometime.

She loves hanging out with you when no one’s around. She stares at you discreetly from the corner of her eyes even when her boyfriend’s around. [Read: 18 signs both of you are having an emotional affair] #8 She misses you.If it was possible to perform a few magical steps in order to make a girl fall in love with you, we would live in a harsh world of broken hearts. In my experience, the more you try to make a girl fall in love you, the less she will.Its kind of a catch-22 in that way but fortunately there are two aspects you can concentrate on to help you along the way.On a side note, you might want to read our article on building a great social circle. Although not as efficient, just telling her about your daily interactions (in a non-gloating way) can be an effective way of communicating your value.In a work environment, the most valuable person can once again, be the social funny guy that everyone wants to hang out with, or the boss, or the sharp guy that the boss respects the most. what if the girl I like doesn’t know about these social situations ? The Double Your Dating book explains in detail exactly how to be perceived as the most valuable person while building massive attraction.Being happy is contagious and people in your presence will automatically feel similar to you.

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