Giving an ultimatum dating

When she and William broke up in April of 2007, Kate was photographed out on the town, having fun and not looking at all bereft. Instead of giving an ultimatum, she just up and left him missing her, realizing that his life was a whole lot less desirable without her in it.

If marriage is important to you and your partner does not want marriage, your relationship is not going to work.

There are fundamental aspects on which two people in a relationship need to be in agreement, and this is one of them.

Many, many relationships fall apart at the two-year mark.

Wait to see if yours is one of them or if it has lasting power before you demand any bling.

In fact, when she got married she was probably extremely ready for the commitment and the responsibilities, and had the emotional maturity it takes to be one half of a solid marriage. You might think that you’re pretty damn powerful for finally coming out with it.

You’ve said what you had to say and you’re not going to put up with his vague waffling anymore! The moment you give an ultimatum, no matter how justified you think you are, you’re handing over your power in the relationship.

Ultimatums aren't the habits of composed, intelligent, and powerful women like the former Kate Middleton.

They’re more likely to make your relationship crash and burn than take it to the next level.

If there’s one person who I think can answer that question for us, it’s none other than “Waity Katie” herself: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

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