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Glenn resigned this church, earned a masters degree in Theology and Church History and pastored two other churches.

One third of the original Saddle Club trio said farewell to acting (I mean, you have definitely peaked with Saddle Club) and decided to pursue a career in media.

Currently, a freelance producer and writer in Canada, she has her own You Tube channel, where she posts on everything from how to grow your eyelashes to getting those effortlessly chic hair waves.

This experience has given him deep insight into the human heart and the unseen spiritual realm that surrounds us.

Steve’s burden is to see believers purified and possessed by the power of God.

Through Glenn’s stirring and compassionate preaching, saints and sinners alike are called to repentance, holiness, and intimacy with God.

He challenges the church to examine themselves and determine if they are living out the revolutionary teachings of Jesus as he calls the lost to abandon their whole life to the One who demands wholehearted devotion.His messages impart an eternal perspective and call Christians to a deeper life in God.Glenn was saved in the early 70s through a revival that swept the nation called the Jesus Movement.Years of addiction to hardcore drugs left Dave an emotional and spiritual wreck.In 1973 he entered a Teen Challenge center for drug addiction in Cincinnati.Married women greatly appreciate her testimony about how the Lord called her to stand with her husband through the most painful ordeal of her life.

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