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You’ll find a great multitude of enthusiastic and knowledgeable members; all who would love to answer questions, look at your pet pictures, and welcome you into these Usenet newsgroups.

Microsoft has replaced Live Search with a new brand: Bing.

My wife and I started dating when we were in college.

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I don’t even know how you’re supposed to perform this pick me dance. Schlepp the kids to summer camp while she explores the Grand Canyon?

(Pervy chumps, keep your naughty double entrendre thoughts to yourself.) The I-Think-I-Might-Be-Gay thing is just another flavor of cake.

Reptiles and wildlife newsgroups are great as they offer practical education as they give the knowledgeable care, materials and resources that are needed to understand these animals.

Naturally, dog newsgroups and cat newsgroups dominate the arena.

Staff and volunteers having fun as the J's Hospice holds its third Young Adults Day for patients in the community.

Pet newsgroups are communities for animal lovers with comprehensive discussions on all types of animals and their care taking.

Our marriage seemed great — great sex life, friends, supportive families and extended families, pets, and incredible friendship between my wife and me. But then, they were up late drinking, hanging out on days off from work, took a weekend trip together to a national park. )During spring break of this year, I had finally had it and searched my wife’s mobile phone, only to discover that my wife and her friend had been using Whats App (clever! I confronted my wife about this, and she claimed (at first) that they were just very close friends.

But then I asked about the details in some of the Whats App texts that I read, and she had to retreat.

Groups such as dogs and cats discussion groups invite pet owners to talk with other owners about everything from food and nutrition, care and grooming, to toys and furniture.

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