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Rather she wants consumers to first buy-in to the functionality and convenience that any new credential can deliver, insisting it has to be designed to meet the public’s actual needs rather than the government’s.“If the history of successful systems tells us anything, it’s that just mandating something from on high – especially in Australia – that the government mandating a digital identity is not necessarily the path to success,” Ms Dixon says.While the DTO’s Australian digital identity project is still in ‘discovery’ – that’s developer speak for researching and establishing core user and product requirements – Rachel Dixon is refreshingly frank about the challenges that Australia’s comparatively small population and complex system of government presents.

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’ What is it used for and what are they exposed to? “Identity is better thought of as the ability to have trust online. The ability for the government to trust that you are who you say you are.

And for you to trust that the government will deal with you in a fair and protective way …

But fewer, most of all agency customers, are satisfied with protracted waiting times and online services stuck a decade behind that of the mainstream digital economy.

Notably, the revelation of the DTO’s big digital identity push comes hot on the heels of the disclosure that the existing my Gov online access facility – which has been copping plenty of flak from users over recent months — is now be the subject of a formal audit from the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) to determine its effectiveness.

The recent appointment of Ms Dixon is a critical step forward for the DTO as it attempts to dramatically improve the public’s experience of dealing with government services by shifting to a so-called ‘user centric’ development model – one that is based on catering to the real world needs of citizens instead of forcing them conform to myriad of disconnected portals, passwords, information requirements and standards.

Not everyone in the public service is happy with the DTO’s rapid and highly delivery focused schedule.Both Bob Hawke’s ‘Australia Card’ (essentially a national photo ID card) and later Joe Hockey’s ‘Access Card’ (a multi-agency government services smartcard also with a photo) died swiftly amid fears the instruments could give government new and invasive powers to keep tabs on citizens.Even the far less contested rollout of e-health has taken more than a decade thanks to the fractious politics of federation, privacy and various stakeholder groups.“We have to give people a reason to want to have a credential to interact with government.In order for government to get the economic benefit of people doing things online, that comes back to consumers …Getting business inside the tent to try and sell the idea won’t hurt either, especially given some banks have been more strident than others.

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