Grand theft auto dating carmen

"Hey," she pointed out, "I think I just saw one of your whores over wanna pick her up?

"Niko slammed on the brakes, causing both him and Kiki to jerk forward violently before slumping back in their seats.

Niko Bellic is getting sick and tired of Kiki always accusing him of having 'other whores'. She gave him a tiny smile before climbing into the car seat beside him. I've just been having alot of money trouble and all, so I'm a bit tense..." Niko came up with that excuse off the top of his head.

If she didn't..would most likely have to blow a bullet through her brain. As soon as he pulled the car up beside the curb of her street, Kiki was already waiting outside for him.

Damn near broke my treat all your whores like this, you fucking bastard?!

" Kiki snarled as she rubbed the back of her neck in pain.

He lowered his hands to his sides, and let out a heavy sigh."I'm... A few minutes passed before Kiki finally decided to speak again."This is a nice car, new?

"Niko had stolen it out of a parking lot a few blocks back. You could say that," he replied, shrugging."Do your whores like it?

The first thing Kiki did before Niko started up the car again was remark about his clothes."Wow," She said, with a hint of cynicism in her words, "That's a really nice suit..probably just picked it up from the dry cleaner's after your whores creamed all over it, right...? "No, Kiki, I did not...""'s still dirty after your fivesome?! What I'm saying is that I don't have any whores, Kiki!!! " Niko snapped back, raising his hand almost as if to hit her. Luckily, it seemed to have worked on the ever-oblivious Kiki."Oh, it's okay, Niko! " Kiki cooed, giving the Serbian man a little kiss on the cheek.

Kiki shrunk back in her seat, and Niko immediately felt guilty for yelling at her like that. With that done, Niko put the car into drive, and they began making their way down the street in the direction of the local diner.

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Niko reached into her coat, unsheathed a pistol, and pressed the barrel against Kiki's forehead. Tears began to pour down Kiki's cheeks as she sat there, shaking all over with immense fear. Niko took in a deep breath, and began to speak calmly now. I'm sorry that I'm doing this, but I need you to understand...there are no 'other whores' or anything of the like.

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