Some seniors regard room monitor for elderly as an intrusion of right while others appreciate the idea of video surveillance for elderly monitoring and safety.It is wise of you to consult with them first on installing security cameras for elderly apartment.In virtue of the cellular-based monitoring systems for elderly in the home, you can keep informed of what's happening to your loved seniors via smartphones anytime & anywhere.


And the two-way audio can be a huge highlight if you want to talk to your beloved elderly parents or grandparents, like inquiring about their health conditions.

Or if you are a retired senior citizen living alone and want a senior monitoring system to protect your home against burglaries, easy installation, smart motion detection and high resolution are the can't-miss features for you.

The answer depends on how you expect your elderly security cameras to "work".

Elderly monitoring cameras with a memory card (slot), like Reolink C1 Pro, can still record motion events onboard if your parents' home (or your home) has no network.

The truth is that those reliable elderly monitoring cameras and systems require little maintenance.

And even in the unfortunate case that your security camera for elderly goes wrong, you may contact the camera seller and usually the reputable brands would get back to you responsively within 24 hours.

However, the Internet connection for traditional senior monitoring systems is a must if you want to check on your elderly parents/grandparents in real time, or be alerted when the front, back or garage door opens.

Luckily, the 4G/3G cellular elderly monitoring cameras, like Reolink Go, have offered you an independent security solution if your elderly parents’ home or the senior living facility has no Wi Fi connection.

Approximately 1 in 10 Americans aged 60 or more have experienced some form of elder abuse.

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