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Grade 12 is the terminal year of high school in Canadian provinces, with the exception of Quebec, where students finish high school at grade 11 (Secondary 5) and then attend a CEGEP (pre-university college) for two or three years.

Some students may choose a return to high school for a semester after grade 12 to complete additional credits towards a diploma, but for the vast majority, the high school program is four years in duration.

Two thoughts: 1) Turning Play Into Work - article from Psychology Today, years ago [when I was a UW collegiate rower] it was really fun, largely because Dick Erickson was a consummate but competitive screw off.

Perhaps one important question isn't addressed here--are the best coaches in the US coaching the national team, or are they at the collegiate level?

For example, Mike Teti had a great record as the national team coach; now he has a great record as the Cal coach.

Welcome to the University of Michigan Men's Rowing scholarship and program details page.

Here you'll get information about the college and information on their Men's Rowing program like who to get hold of about recruitment, names of Welcome to the University of Michigan Men's Rowing scholarship and program details page.

I told them to try visiting the Wisco Athletics page instead, and (not trying to ruffle feathers here, just stating how our society often works) some young men and others possibly perceiving rowing to be a "girls" sport since only women's rowing is an NCAA sport (hey, I wish everyone could row like our US women's team..rock).

There definitely seems to be a positive relationship with the rise of US Women's Rowing and joining the NCAA / Title IX stuff (no kidding as tons of college varsity teams and opportunities were created) while at the same time there's been an inverse relationship for men's rowing staying out of the NCAA as the US men's team has been less successful. I don't think it's so much a "get them rowing younger" issue (although that can't hurt) since our women are doing just fine.

One might also ask if the rise of Michael Phelps has impacted rowing at all - there is a huge crossover between the swimming and rowing as they have similar body types and cardio demands. The average height of the US Men's Olympic Swim Team is not that different than the US Men's Rowing Team.

Men's Swimming has been awesome at the same time Men's Rowing has suffered. As a grad of USNA, I am concerned with two areas: the ability of some colleges to compete in this environment (USNA specifically) and the elimination of the opportunity to grow those "kids off the block" from athletic freshman to world class oarsmen. the Difference between U23 competition and Senior level competition is huge.

All the usual reasons aside (tradition, betting shirts, etc), one has to wonder if men's rowing staying out of the NCAA has hurt the sport at the collegiate level.

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