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I meet her, turns out she's like 5'11 or 6 ft and I'm 5'9, she didn't want to meet again because I was smaller than her. It's not a 'must have' type of thing, just a preference. My ex used to say he was nearly 6' but now I'm with a man who is an objectively verified 6' and I know now my ex was probably lucky to be 5'10. Most women are around 5'5 so you're going to be taller than most women, which is honestly all they actually care about.

I like my guys, either much taller than me, or much shorter really scrawny. While I know most women say they need over 6', they say that because so many men lie about their height.

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Same as boobism (men who only date women with nice tits) and cockism (women only date men with large cocks).

I was just having a conversation about this actually, because I said I would rather have a tiny penis than be a short man.

So I wonder: Is women’s preference for taller men about fundamental attraction, and therefore carries a similar innate significance as men wanting their female partners to be prettier? Height is an automatic physical indicator of safety and security. Because I want some I’m not looking for a romantic commodity; I want a product.

I swiped right, even though her bio merely read: Before I get into why I find the above silly, I’ll posit a couple hypotheses as to why it may be legit. I once read results of a study that concluded it’s significantly important that men find their female partner more attractive than themselves. But I would stretch a long way out of that comfort to be with someone with a mind that matches mine.

Her smile shone through her whole face and tugged at me. I buy the notion that women want men to exude safety and steadiness. Draw a line in your mind through time — from pre-historic man, or even apes, up to now — height has always been an advantage. In the modern business world, height counts, it seems. Which is why I told my Bumble match, “I don’t have time for that (meeting a new person who apparently cares less about character than physique).”*If you’re probably not missing anything. So I can’t afford to reduce my pool of selection on the basis of a couple inches of height or 15 lbs. She said: I considered the possibilities of disgust if I listed some physical preferences in women.

The photos seemed a little forced, but they were so bright. So much of romantic, sexual relationships is vulnerability. If a woman wants security, a taller man physically suggests it from the start. And if they’ve outgrown their fathers by the time they’re 22 and on Tinder, women have still spent most of their lives looking up, physically and otherwise, at the male figure(s) in their lives. I find rational reasons for having some strictures along those lines. I mean the one thing written in your dating bio is about height. (Keep in mind, I have no idea what other men are writing, if they write bios.)“I only date women with X bra size or larger.”That should go over well, right? The line, again, involves placing a highly insignificant physical trait (in the first 21st century) above character.

Yes, I like boobs as much as the next guy, but size is near the bottom of the list for me, next to height.

Probably going to get downvoted for this, but after reading through this subreddit the majority of it is so negative. But when they see a short man with a tall girl he's doing great.

Shorter men downvote to hell anything to do with a short girl and a taller man, why?

The majority of people here have dealt with heightism in real life, but from what I've learned the more you think about negativity the more it is going to affect you.

Everyone has a different preference in who they date and the reasons why.

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