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The medical officer also proposed a temporary ‘sanitary pad made of soft material and charged with the dust of peat moss’ to be ‘worn at the putric [sic] region, of these a dozen or so can be made by the prisoner himself under direction’.The list of required items included a ‘laboratory smokeless oil blast furnace which may be purchased from Fletcher and Phillipson, Baggot Street’.Jose Maria Garcia, the mother and father of the two children, admits the birth was not expected at all.

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Charles Bourke, the chairman of the General Prisons Board, was less than impressed with the ‘experimental nature’ (and presumably the expense) of the proposal and amendments were suggested.

Jacob also suggested that the floor of Brosnan’s cell be protected by being ‘properly waxed and daily rubbed (across grain) with a heavy hard brush after a light washing with disinfecting fluid, the waxing being occasionally renewed with a hot but light dressing of bees wax thinned with turpentine.’ The inmate was also given a waterproof sheet for his cell.

Eventually, however, the remedies were considered inadequate for his various health problems and Brosnan’s petition for clemency was accepted.

On 21 November 1896, his release was ordered on account of his persistent ill-health and six days later he left the government prison.

He claimed that the lack of adequate ventilation in his cell was having a negative impact on his health. The authorities deemed this impermissible, however, because it rendered Brosnan, and other prisoners, at risk of attack.

The open wooden door, the prisoner insisted, would facilitate the circulation of air and dry the floor of his cell, which ‘on account of my disease it is nearly always wet.’ Brosnan graphically continued: ‘I have a great oppression on my chest and in the night time the steam which rises from my bed clothes, when they get wet, almost smothers me … The medical officer insisted that the two large windows and pipe in the cell provided adequate ventilation and further solutions would be considered when the weather improved.

The medical officer who examined Brosnan in Maryborough described that the case was ‘hopeless as to cure but for which much may be done towards comfort’.

It was directed that Brosnan be allowed to wear a petticoat or similar rather than the trousers that comprised the prison uniform.

Less than four months later, in April 1895, the beeswax floor recommended by Jacob was deemed a failure.

Peat moss had to be spread as a temporary solution.

The medical officer at Cork prison, where Brosnan had stayed immediately before and after his trial, explained to the governor at Maryborough that since the petticoat ‘becomes soiled with the retained urine, a few of them will be required to have a clean one for issue every day, and the stockings will also necessarily be retained, in lieu of socks a few pairs of which will be wanting too, as the urine from deficient urinary bladder is always dropping on to them.’ Initially the prisoner was given a mattress made of straw rather than fibre to allow for frequent changes. Jacob described the idea for a mattress that has been perforated by an ample square orifice corresponding with the hips, into this orifice has been fitted an accurately fitting pillow or cushion loosely filled with specially dried and sifted peat moss, which though used each night of the three since his arrival has the cell fairly pure owing to the absorption of the products of decomposition.

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