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Spotify shuts down major third-party service after playlist scandal Austin Powell — March As tental men, women, couples etc.

But Sovtcore you can find heat radiating from a situation, What Other Couples Do is a sensual movie for an unconventional date night.

If you need nudity to find eroticism, look somewhere else.

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Except the sex scenes are well done, with far more humor and kink than you might anticipate from the title.

Wells has a particularly out-there scene involving a bunny suit and a carrot that has to be seen to be believed.

Amorous is an exception, tracking two couples as they move to a house in the country to explore their sexuality and relationships.

Deliberately paced with jarring sudden sex scenes cut into the drama, Amorous is a thoughtful film about lust and redefined ideas of friendship.

Sensual without being directly sexual, Rope is an exploration of the subtle line between spirituality and eroticism.

In Her Composition a talented music major finds creative inspiration in the sounds her clients make during her evenings as a escort.

In less talented hands this could easily be a crap late night softie, but star Joslyn Jensen and director Stephan Littger deliver a compelling mix of passion and tension.

Late-night cable fans will appreciate the appearance of Julian Wells.

Their affair is fiery, passionate, and brief, as Brian leaves when his ex reenters the picture.

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