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Ingrid Schnader, a junior at Auburn University, also suggests changing your average date night to something more fun.

“Find a hobby that you both enjoy—something that will never get old,” she says.

Although it’s important to keep a little consistency, it’s equally important to keep it interesting so you don’t get into a draining routine. Instead, try to fulfill their emotional needs by being aware of when they’re having a rough day, or being understanding and willing to compromise in certain situations.

Partaking in a relationship means you’re not on your own anymore.

“If this person isn’t meeting your needs and your desires and not putting you first, then you look for those signs and you decide how to move forward.” Your SO should be your biggest motivator and supporter.

If they can’t seem to fulfill your needs—and we’re not talking Chipotle runs or back massages every day, we mean actual emotional fulfillment—then it might not be the right relationship for you.

You know that feeling when you’re with your SO and you’re unashamed of PDA, texting them 24/7 and obsessing over them nonstop? It’s at the very beginning of a relationship, and although you and your SO may feel untouchable in your little bubble of bliss, it isn’t permanent.

Eventually, you become accustomed to his habit of leaving socks everywhere, or her habit of cracking her knuckles, and the magic of being a newbie couple fades into a routine.Although it’s great to move forward and learn all the little mannerisms of your SO, sometimes it feels like a shock to the system when the honeymoon phase comes to a close.Here’s what to do next to keep your relationship as strong as it was in the very beginning.Cool down, hang out with some besties and then re-approach whatever subject set you off.If, however, you are constantly being pestered with texts, your SO is snooping through all your emails or you can’t be around each other without sparking a fight, then the red flags should pop up.There will definitely be times where you feel like pulling your hair out—but that’s totally normal.

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