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Some weatherproof housings provide heating options. But it gives you an example of one with the heating and cooling accessories. 3) Overheating (during summer) Unfortunately, the sun can cause cameras and camera housings to get very hot. Again the housings can provide a heat shield that stands off from the main housing to stop the sun heating up the box too much (as they are often made of metal). Again, it depends where you are going to be putting it.

5) Vandal proofing Something often forgotten about. Sometimes it's not an option to mount it that high up and so you may need a vandal resistant housing. Or perhaps a wall mount option will serve you better.

So when buying a camera, make sure it is one that you connect directly to an Ethernet network. Do your own homework and find products that suit your need and budget.

Some years ago I had to do this very thing and it had to withstand very harsh conditions (-40F) with strong winds and no power. Three were on an island in the middle of nowhere near Russia. Note: although I link to some websites that sell/produce products. Here is my list which should hopefully give you enough to think about. For weatherproofing you can buy off the shelf universal housing.Some cameras are advertised as outdoor already - but check the operating temp range!This type of thing is what you should be looking at.Look for this logo to find out who is looking to hook up tonight!Anchorage, Alaska Atlanta, Georgia Austin, Texas Boise, IDBoulder, Colorado Chicago, Illinois Columbus, Ohio Detroit, Michigan Honolulu, Hawaii Indianapolis, Indiana Jackson, MSKansas City, Missouri Las Vegas, Nevada Lexington, KYLos Angeles, California Manhattan, New York Memphis, TNMiami, Florida Milwaukee, Wisconsin Minneapolis, MNNashville, Tennessee Nashville, TNNew Orleans, Louisiana Oakland, California Omaha, Nebraska Phoenix, Arizona Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Raleigh, North Carolina Rochester, New York San Jose, California Seattle, Washington St.I've used AXIS cameras before and they were reasonable. Even if the server is down, and I am usually working via cellular providers, the USB connection from the computer is still running the cameras on Vision GS software.

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