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This update also introduced a setting for Anonymous Forwards, allowing you to control when messages forwarded from your account link back to it.

This way people you chat with have no verifiable proof you ever sent them anything.

Unmuted chats pop out of the archive with the next incoming message – but muted chats stay archived forever (or until they generate a notification via a mention or reply).

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So if you're a fan of chronology, please jump to the end and scroll up from there.

Silent Messages, Slow Mode, Admin Titles and More The first August update brought a way to send silent messages – which result in a notification without sound.

Taking Back Our Right to Privacy Before the March update, you could delete your messages within 48 hours of sending them.

As of this update, you can delete any message you've ever sent or received in any private chat, there's no time limit. The deleted messages don't leave a mark in the chat.

A new Add People Nearby section was created to quickly exchange numbers with people close to you.

The new section also allows creating location-based public chats. The update also introduced an easier way to integrate web services with Telegram, adding one-tap authorization via bots.Location-Based Chats, Adding Contacts Without Phone Numbers and More The June update focused on making it easier to add people to contacts.A universal Add button was introduced to all new chats, making it possible to add users to contacts even if you don't know their number yet.As of this update, i OS users can also log in to Telegram with multiple accounts from one app, easily switch between them and get notifications.Support for multiple accounts was added to Android in December 2017.To keep you entertained while we‘re working on this month’s second update, we've compiled a brief history of Telegram.

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