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One important thing that We Chat has taken care of as far as security is concerned is about asking its users to link some other accounts (such as email, QQ, or phone number) with their We Chat accounts.Hence, minimum one account is always linked with your We Chat account in any case.

Obviously, the linked account will help you get rid of your log in issue of We Chat without needing the password.

If in case you have not linked the We Chat account to some other account, the only option left with you is to reset the password of your We Chat account. Step 1: Tap on the 3-dot icon (…) and got to Forgot password Step 2: You now require to confirm the feedback.

So check the latest one and enter verification code properly.

Now that we are done with the possible reasons as to why you are facing "We Chat unable to login" issue, let us have a look at all the possible solutions for the same.

Another scenario wherein you are facing "We Chat cannot login" issue is that your We Chat account may be blocked. To remove the We Chat app, press and hold the We Chat app icon until the "X" icon is seen on the left top corner. Now simply from the App Store or Google Play, download the We Chat app and install it.

Some unofficial plugins such as Android emulator on your mobile phone always are the reason for issues.For this simply turn off the security code so as to receive the verification code.In case of verification through email, once check the spam folder. Sometimes, it may happen that the verification code via SMS is sent very frequently and you may end up entering the invalid code.Now the BIG QUESTION, How does fraud happen in We Chat?1) Through your stolen mobile The fraudster will use your Wechat account, link the account with his/her mobile number and email, then contact friends and family members asking for money pretending they are you.The very common reason is your We Chat account is unable to verify you. To sign in to your We Chat account, you have to verify yourself first. The email address or phone number may have been entered wrongly and hence, the verification code is sent to you successfully.

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