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The actress and the visual effects producer have been falling in and out of love since 2014.Nonetheless, it was only in 2016 that Stewart confirmed her affair with Cargile, who was born on the 1st day of January and in the year 1991.

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Before we delve into that, it is only necessary we catch up with her career attainments and why her personal life is a thing of public interest in the first place.

Just like her romantic attachments, Kristen’s career and the accomplishments thereof knew no boundaries.

This appears to have been followed by a short relationship with musician St Vincent (real name Annie Clark).

No, Kristen Stewart is not related to Miley Stewart because Miley Stewart isn't even a real person.

Surpassing being the first woman from the United States of America to bag France’s national film award – César Award, Kristen Stewart has received the British Academy Film’s Orange Rising Star Award, a handful of MTV Movie Awards for different categories, a number of People’s Choice Awards, Critics Awards, Teen Choice Awards, a variety of other awards and much more nominations.

First things first, Kristen has never been married, she’s bisexual and wouldn’t have any issue with you proclaiming she’s gay.

The two had a good time together for just about 90 days.

It was in March 2016 that the French musician confirmed her affair with Kristen.

Now, let’s travel back to all the affairs of the heart that the actress has thus far kept, beginning with the most recent.

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