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Maybe she is single and is pursuing her career rather than relationship. Well, without any strong proofs, the issue sits in the top of fans wish list. It is definite that Ji-won has millions of fans and followers who would give up ton load of things to be the one for this beautiful actress.But it seems Ji-won doesn't want to plan to ring the wedding bells any time soon.The drama has been shot for 109 days and the two got very close after spending time together all through the shoot.

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Ha Ji Won is the next woman who was rumored to be in a relationship with Hyun Bin.

They met through the television drama Secret Garden in 2010.

Hyun Bin has disclosed a detailed ideal type of woman.

He wishes for a woman who has pretty hands, eats a variety of food well and is elegant rather than noisy, and whom he can feel comfortable being with.

In an interview, he confessed that he stays positive about romance but it isn’t easy to meet a woman. Hyun Bin has talked about marriage in an interview conducted with The Asia Economy Daily in Seoul.

He confessed “I want to fall in love with a woman and am also thinking about marriage” and said laughing “I used to wait till I turn to the age 30 but I have just realized I got past that age already.” He continued “I think about marriage. I have a dream about having a family.” And showing his concerns he added “I feel like more restricted by something as I get older.

Was anyone shocked when they heard Song Hye Gyo (Full House) and Hyun Bin (My name kim sam soon) were dating? Whenever I think of Hyun Bin I atumatically think of Kim Sun Ah !

Was it any good (i go to watch it, but before it can start streaming, i end up exiting the page, partly cuz of the reviews) Yer I thought it was random.. I'm happy for them though, they are really good looking together but as for that drama they were in, I've only heard bad stuff about it so I just stayed away from it..

It seems that he was dating with Song Hye Kyo during filming Secret Garden.

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