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When he decided to “kiss dating goodbye” he was also struggling in certain areas.

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One of the problems with Harris’s two books on groups/courtship is that he writes somewhat from a testimonial stand point.

He is sharing what worked for him and how it applied to him as a teenager.

And He loves me because of that.” She felt sure God would reward her dedication with the perfect soulmate.

Despite a genuine desire to please God, Breneman now realizes she was dealing with a pride issue.

It was on his arm, which was down by his side but itching to slide across his girlfriend’s shoulders.

Ly had been courting Katie for about five months, but still hadn’t dared touch her.She decided that if the book’s principles were the “highest level of purity and righteousness” one could reach, she would adhere to them 100 percent.She made her convictions clear to friends, even posting on her Facebook profile, “Thanks for asking, but I don’t date.” When others praised her for setting an example of purity while her Christian friends were sleeping around, she thought, “Yup, I love Jesus so much, I would never do that.I was involved with one church where they offered the singles (who were mostly in their 20’s) a lot of group opportunities where you could get to know various people of the opposite sex without having to date.At the same time dating was allowed and wasn’t even looked down on. My thought is that the group approach is good for “teenagers.” It might even be justified to make that the “norm” vs. As a single person matures as they move into their 20’s the “need” for doing things in groups isn’t there.

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