Free nude video web chat - Ideas for updating a gold frame

Champagne Gold trades up the entire look of the gallery wall.

Here is my go to list for spray painting just about anything!

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The frame project started with my bedroom makeover a few months ago. Without priming, you can repaint just about any picture frame. In trying to lighten up the overall look of my bedroom, I used paint very effectively to change the entire look of the room.

This gallery wall is one of my favorite projects, but I could see that spray painting the picture frames would not only make the artwork look better but brighten the entire space.

Dip a foam paint brush into a metallic or other paint color and lightly dab the paint onto the raised, ornamental areas of the frame to add visual interest. Allow the paint to dry to the touch, about one hour. Gently swipe the paintbrush lightly over the top surface of the frame.

Avoid getting any paint into the textured portions of the frame below the top surface.

It covers beautifully, but dries EXTREMELY slowly which means letting it dry overnight between each coat.

The reason I am recommending Krylon spray paint for this project is because it dries to the touch in a half hour, which is perfect for a project like this.

In total I used 6 cans of spray paint for reference, so around for all of those frames.

I included the scraper because it really is a handy tool around the house and is great for scraping any overspray on the glass.

Free shipping, free original TV series, and music make it worth it to me!

This is a little hard for me to admit because I worked for Valspar for over 5 years, but I don’t love their spray paint when fast dry time is important.

Simply by changing the finish or color of a mirror frame, you can instantly transform and update a wall and room.

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