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We hear plenty of stories about lecherous professors. And I can get that from someone old enough to buy me a drink first. For every student who fantasizes about their teacher, a teacher does the same. They didn’t pull any tricks, or engage in clandestine practices.

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Just so you know, they will always end up talking shop wherever they are, and they basically have their own language.

Don’t even try to get into it when they start talking IEPs, 504s or the newest LMS.

As if I were lonely in my office, just waiting for a conversation partner. Stayed in my office for almost an hour, asking personal questions and telling me how special I was. I said, “My FIANCE is taking me out to dinner.” Walked to my car, and then sneaked back into my office and worked with the door closed.

One time he found out my birthday and brought cake and flowers.

Settle in for story time because teachers have seen it all.

Each day in the classroom comes with funny, gross, and emotional moments.

Pop culture encourages students to sexualize their teachers.

Meanwhile, actual teachers lose their jobs if they’re too hot. He implied she’d stayed up all night having sex, evidenced by her bed head. The public trusts us with guiding future generations. Honestly, we’re mostly in charge of keeping them occupied during business hours, and not fucking them up too much. These days, I don’t tell my students anything about me.

So I asked him if he had time that night to discuss the grad program he'd completed ... Panicked, he told them he'd volunteered to be a designated driver and give seniors a ride home from the event..instead of cuddling at the movies as we'd planned, I spent the next hour crammed in the backseat of his car with three other students.

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