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All I can say is she is worth all the hassle I had to go through and I am glad I stuck around.

Now I don't expect everyone will stick around on this site as long as I did and deal with the issues this site brings.

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International dating emailing site

Stick to the sites, like who work with honest local agencies, maybe not all their girls look like Hollywood stars, but they are real people who you can see on video.

Women have to have identification video with their documents to activate their profile.

Until I started talking to this one woman on there last year.

Really enjoyed our conversations, she remembers everything I tell her, even if I have forgotten I have told her.

One of things she said is, they will not ask you for money, because they want you to know they are interested in you, not your wallet.

This woman has been the first and only woman I have ever met in person from all my years on the site.If you want a beautiful and wonderful woman in your life, this is the right site to find the woman for you! After I complained they sent me a video recorded by Julia (after she got back from Portugal).Your treat this woman right and she will be your soulmate for life! I identified that photos being sent were not even of the girl but from a Canadian model - DS admin told me that it was the fault of the "translator". She spoke in Russian so they sent subtitles which stated that she said that she had been speaking to me.Thank you Dream Singles for helping me find my woman to be happy with for the rest of my life!!! I translated the Russian and she did not say that at all. When I complained the admin person advised that it was written on the subtitles so that was all that mattered even though Julia did not say it.This site is full of fake profiles run by people pretending to be the girls.Some have just disappeared from the site altogether.

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