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I also was not about to make fresh spinach pasta so I used plain fresh lasagne noodles and stirred cooked chopped spinach into the bechamel along with the cream and goat cheese.

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To simulate this scenario, I downloaded and installed the Data Migration Assistant(DMA).

Net Framework 4.5 is installed on your machine before starting the installation of the DMA.

Coming back to the invisible or hypothetical indexes: Having the extension installed we can now do something like this: postgres=# SELECT * FROM hypopg_create_index('CREATE INDEX ON t1 (a)'); indexrelid | indexname ------------ ------------------- 16399 | btree_t1_a (1 row) postgres=# select * from pg_size_pretty ( pg_total_relation_size ('t1') ); pg_size_pretty ---------------- 173 MB (1 row) postgres=# explain select * from t1 where a = 5; QUERY PLAN --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Index Only Scan using btree_t1_a on t1 (cost=0.06..8.07 rows=1 width=4) Index Cond: (a = 5) (2 rows) Quite cool, the index is really getting used and we did not consume any resources for the index itself.

What you need to know is, that this does not work for “explain analyze” as this really executes the query (and we do not really have an index on disk): postgres=# explain (analyze) select * from t1 where a = 5; QUERY PLAN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gather (cost=1000.00..49165.77 rows=1 width=4) (actual time=76.247..130.235 rows=1 loops=1) Workers Planned: 2 Workers Launched: 2 - Parallel Seq Scan on t1 (cost=0.00..48165.67 rows=1 width=4) (actual time=106.861..124.252 rows=0 loops=3) Filter: (a = 5) Rows Removed by Filter: 1666666 Planning time: 0.043 ms Execution time: 131.866 ms (8 rows) postgres=# select * from hypopg_drop_index(16399); hypopg_drop_index ------------------- t (1 row) postgres=# SELECT * FROM hypopg_list_indexes(); indexrelid | indexname | nspname | relname | amname ------------ ----------- --------- --------- -------- (0 rows) A few weeks ago, I prepared a migration from SQL Server 2008 to SQL server 2016, I came across a case with deprecated data types and a Full-Text activated on these columns.In addition there has been problems with pictures disappearing when "the card crash".Interfoto recommends Sandisk and Lexar, as well as Microdrives from IBM/Hitachi.To be sure, I advise you to do a better comparison between both temporary tables.After the installation, you start the application which is very simple to use.According to Interfoto the cheap memory cards doesn't fit too well physically and can damage the camera.

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