Internet dating security

But the onus does not end there; end users must be sure to take their own precautions, including changing passwords, installing patches when available and using security software.

Io T security is also plagued by a lack of industry-accepted standards.

While many Io T security frameworks exist, there is no single agreed-upon framework.

Even if passwords are changed, they are often not strong enough to prevent infiltration.

Another common issue facing Io T devices is that they are often resource-constrained and do not contain the compute resources necessary to implement strong security.

For legacy and new assets, security can lapse if extra support is not added.

And as many Io T devices stay in the network for many years, adding security can be challenging.

A number of challenges prevent the securing of Io T devices and ensuring end-to-end security in an Io T environment.

Because the idea of networking appliances and other objects is relatively new, security has not always been considered top priority during a product's design phase.

Additionally, because Io T is a nascent market, many product designers and manufacturers are more interested in getting their products to market quickly, rather than taking the necessary steps to build security in from the start.

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