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They got hammered by the Raiders the following week, but they got to the AFC Championship Game on that performance, and he was just overcome, which was great because you think about players being really emotional.

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The Seahawks were in the AFC West at the time, and until a few hours earlier, hadn't beaten the rival Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium since 1980.

That was three seasons before Knox -- who died earlier this month at age 86 -- arrived in Seattle."Chuck was superstitious," said Steve Raible, an original Seahawk who spent six seasons with the team as a wide receiver until retiring in 1982 to join their radio broadcast, "so if we lost and had stayed at the Westin Hotel in Kansas City, the next year we'd go in and stay at the Double Tree, and if we lost, the next year we'd go in and stay at the Hyatt."We had stayed every place but the YWCA, it had been so long since we had won at Kansas City."To many, this game is best known for Derrick Thomas setting an NFL record that still stands with seven sacks.

Communicate with them what is going on and what you are going to do.

Young athletes are bullied by coaches as well as peers, which is unacceptable in youth sports.

These coaches also target gifted athletes because they believe their approach will “toughen up” their athletes.

Whether your athletes are underdogs or stars, your […] Below is a quote from one of our athletes who is a 16 year-old high school quarterback who loved football and had the potential to start as a freshman — until the coach destroyed his mental game…

The fun was over, at least momentarily."We were like, 'Oh, s---. We're going to get yelled at,' because I think we had delayed the plane," Wyman said. Knox pulled out a wad of cash from his pocket, peeled off a few hundred dollar bills and told the bartender that he was buying."We drank everything that had alcohol in it except the cleaning fluid under the sink," Raible joked.

"It was so much fun and Chuck was there enjoying it. But for those few minutes, it was really precious."Said Wyman: "He was tough, but he worked hard and he played hard."Knox the intimidator Wyman and Moyer developed a nickname for their coach: Mona Lisa, because it felt like his eyes never left you.

And you should have complete support from your parents.

Quite often parents are not completely aware of everything happening on the field.

Moyer recalls the coach halting a bus ride to the airport following a comeback win over the Patriots in Foxboro in 1986.

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