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As he walks out you can already see Spinks start to tremble in his shorts.

It seemed to be a bit of a challenge to get ahold of Donald Tump to get the go-ahead for this to be released, and they wouldn’t agree to let you put out the loop as it was, so we’re left with the original commercial with Gene Hackman’s voice over top. I actually contacted one of Trump’s former ad executives (code name “Ivanka”) to get their feelings on how to proceed and that resulted in my sending you the radio spot.

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There is plenty of other music to accomplish that, which is not offensive to a specific group.”He realizes that the check for this by TU/e or the Intro organization does have its limits, in this particular case.

“Yet I hope that I can bring about some sense of awareness and that we can start the discussion on this subject.”The Central Introductory Committee lets it be known through Pim Suijkerbuijk that it finds the incidents “very annoying”.

It’s hard to say what was going on in his mind during his boxing heyday, especially when Tyson walked out to a nightmarish experimental music composition in his 1988 match against undefeated heavyweight champion Mike Spinks.

Watch the clip below with the music starting about one minute in.

Jan Mengelers, chairman of the Executive Board, does mention that “in this day and age the sensitivity about certain issues has increased” and that this may make it more difficult to react spontaneously, for fear of doing or saying something wrong.

“In some cases it does constrain the room for natural movement in the public area.”Yet, as he adds: “If this number invites an audience to start chants like this, we must from now on make agreements in advance that it should not be played”.

Neither of us thought that Trump had any claim to the music but I wanted to be somewhat sure that it wouldn’t come back to bite Trump’s former advertising people.

What are your thoughts on Donald Trump running for president?

Not as if I sat down quietly in a corner to weep, but you do feel less welcome for a moment nonetheless.” Especially at an event organized by the university where you have to start your studies and where you would like to feel at ease, he adds.

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