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Every new bill must be debated and approved by both chambers.The route to a new law is a complex and lengthy one.

It was not before 1848 that the federation of autonomous cantons was replaced by a true constitutional democracy with a federal structure and an independent judiciary.

The first federal constitution of 1848 was soon replaced by a second one in 1874.

He also publishes a widely used website that gives a substantive overview of electronic Swiss legal resources on the Internet. It’s history is normally traced back to the year 1291 when the representatives of Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden concluded the Federal Charter of 1291 (the so-called “Bundesbrief“) and founded a federation against foreign countries.

In the following years more and more cantons (states) joined this federation.

The process normally consists of the following stages: the initiative stage, the drafting stage, the verification stage, the final decision stage and the entry into force.

It is important to note that in almost all cases a new bill is not introduced by parliamentarians, but by the Federal Council.

A federal councilor cannot be removed from his post before the four-year period is up.

Each year, a different member becomes Federal President.

b) The Parliament (Legislative) The Federal Assembly, the Swiss parliament, is a bicameral one.

It is composed of two chambers: The Council of States and the National Council.

It hears only disputes concerning public-law insurance claims.

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