Invalidating the

For more information about the charges for invalidation, see Paying for File Invalidation.

You can submit a specified number of invalidation paths each month for free.

If you submit more than the allotted number of invalidation paths in a month, you pay a fee for each invalidation path that you submit.

Note the following about specifying the files that you want to invalidate.

If your Cloud Front distribution triggers a Lambda function on viewer request events, and if the function changes the URI of the requested file, you must invalidate both URIs to remove the file from Cloud Front edge caches: If you configured Cloud Front to forward cookies to your origin, Cloud Front edge caches might contain several versions of the file.

Do not URL-encode any other characters in the path, or Cloud Front will not invalidate the old version of the updated file.

, which replaces 0 or more characters, must be the last character in the invalidation path.

Failure, or any deviation from socially defined success, is labeled as resulting from lack of motivation, lack of discipline, not trying hard enough, or the like.

Positive emotional expressions, beliefs, and action plans may be similarly invalidated by being attributed to lack of discrimination, naivete, overidealization, or immaturity.

For more information, see Caching Content Based on Cookies.

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