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According to scholars and historians, the first photographer in Iran was Jules Richard, a Frenchman who, as stated in his diaries, arrived in Tehran in 1844.He served as the French language tutor of the Gulsaz family and took daguerreotypes of Mohammad Shah (reigned 1834–48) and his son, the crown prince, Nasir al-Din Mirza.

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Originally, temporary marriage in Iran was geared toward widows.

It would allow them to remarry, often with a wealthier man who could care for them.

The Sunni orthodoxy, however, quickly abolished it, accusing Shiite Muslims of encouraging prostitution under the pretense of marriage.

Only Shiite communities today practice temporary marriages, mainly in Iran and occasionally in Iraq.

The marriage can last just a few hours or several years.

When the time is up, a woman must wait two menstrual periods before marrying again.To date, none of these early images has been located.Richard’s presence at the court is recorded in the 1888 a forty-year history of Iran compiled by I’timad al-Saltana, one of Nasir al-Din Shah’s confidantes.“I’m only looking for a companion and would be open to move from temporary marriage to permanent marriage if all goes well,” he writes. I’m not religious, but I think people should be responsible for their behavior. (Mohsen) Leila is a widow with two children, the oldest of whom is 20.She’s on Hafezoon because she’s searching for financial security.She doesn’t wear her veil often and has no car or income, but she’s healthy.

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