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: Alicia Keys walks by me looking beautiful, with long hair and a purple dress. Tonight’s Academy Awards will begin in five minutes.” (from inside the Kodak): There was a last-minu te frenzy as the seconds counted down before show started. : Anne Hathaway returns backstage after using the washroom.: Now that Hurricane Brangelina has blown past, the press stations are being rapidly abandoned. He will be performing tonight, despite earlier reports that he had turned down the Academy because they wouldn’t give him more than a minute to sing his Oscar-nominated song. Awaiting allowance to re-enter, she says, “I’m having such a great time here.” : Penelope Cruz, clutching her Oscar, tells us what she said in Spanish during her acceptance speech: “I said I wanted to dedicate it to all the actors of my country, and all the people there who are watching at home.

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Klum says that they’re pulling for Mickey Rourke and Kate Winslet, whom Seal calls the “finest actress living.” (From Benjamin): Gus Van Zant looks like he got his jacket at the Gap. : Josh Horowitz just asked the “Slumdog Millionaire” kids how many Oscars they have between them.

I’m not sure they understood it was a joke, but are adorable and hilariously, excellently enthusiastic.

There was one, I was at this signing and there were stairs you had to walk up and everyone was coming one at a time.

There was this mom that was in a wheelchair and her daughter came up and got an autograph.

: First to the lobby bar: Zac and Vanessa, and Miley just joined them. (from Benjamin): Within eyeshot: Anne Hathaway (with whom Josh is speaking), Heidi Klum and Seal talking with Dev Patel, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, Danny Boyle, Richard Jenkins, Penelope Cruz and Fred Willard.

(from Larry): James Franco walks by me, moments behind Seth Rogen. (from Vanessa): Josh just interviewed Robert Pattinson, whose hair has grown wayyyy back.

Vanessa, in a matching black-and-white dress, has to stop for mid-carpet repairs when someone steps on her train. I believe that is officially one time more than the veteran actor has smiled in all his movies combined.

: Osbourne can be heard over the loud speaker being asked if he wants to interview John Legend. : Zac gives the press bleachers one of his patented winks. : Vanessa Hudgens, clearly having major issues with her dress, walks into the theater holding up the front and fidgeting with whatever’s going on underneath.

“He’s so funny, charming, peculiar and unique.” : Spotted in green room on smoke breaks: Mickey Rourke, Sean Penn and Josh Brolin just ran in. “We love your laugh, heh heh heh.” Seth stood back and you could tell had one of those, “Wow how cool was that? : You know in typical Hollywood form, those raw stage walls on tonight’s stage to make it look like an empty stage are actually part of a set.

They are totally fabricated so they can fly in and out; none of it is real.

: Ben Kingsley says people ask him most about his roles in “Gandhi” and “Sexy Beast.” He calls his career “bipolar.” : Red-carpet host Robert Osbourne introduces his next guest: “Evan Rachel Wood from ‘Twilight’! (from Larry): The “Slumdog” kids pin down Meryl Streep, get her autograph.

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