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Although none of these issues are easy to solve, the love of Jesus compels us, followers of Jesus and kingdom citizens, to action.

Cru is partnering with hundreds of like-minded churches and passionate organizations in an effort to catalyze Gospel transformation and bring light to the darkest places of the city.

We are convinced that as Jesus heals their hearts, their passion will be contagious and His love will go viral.

We are committed to helping them to ignite their passion, connect with Jesus, and to live out His purpose in every facet of their lives.

Amazon, the behemoth online “everything” retailer, has virtual stores in many of the most populous and prosperous countries around the world.

Many of these regional Amazon websites offer an affiliate program where Amazon associates can get a cut of the sale by sharing product links.

Today's young adults, while described as the most unchurched generation in America's history, are not without hope.

Millennials stand boldly against hypocrisy, evil, and injustice.

Commissions will not be paid on orders containing these coupons or items. Once your application has been approved, you'll find all the marketing materials you need in your Commission Junction account!

You can get access to banners, text links, product links and even download our complete product catalog.

The only countries that we can't accept affiliates from are China and India.

Why am I not allowed to be an affiliate if I live in Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, North Carolina or Rhode Island?

We also don't allow any affiliate promotions in the Muscle & Strength Forums, or across the Muscle & Strength site in general (ie blogs, member pages etc).

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