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Alexis' social and interpersonal issues often parallel some aspect of the case Castle and Beckett are investigating.

Richard "Rick" Castle (Nathan Fillion) is a famous author who weathered through twenty rejections before he got his first manuscript published.

He keeps his first rejection letter framed on his wall at home to keep himself motivated.

Alexis is very close to her father, as they do many activities together, including fencing, book research projects such as learning lock-picking and safe-cracking—and laser tag.

She has also developed a certain bond with Beckett, asking Beckett's advice when contemplating going on an exchange trip to France, and making arrangements with the detective to spend three days working at the police station as part of a project for her civics class.

On Beckett's advice, she moves back in with her father a short time later.

In season eight, it is revealed that Alexis has been unofficially working at Richard Castle Investigations for a month; in that time, she has successfully solved a number of minor cases.

Having graduated from New York City's prestigious Stuyvesant High School and Stanford University, she is a first-class investigator who has gained a reputation as a detective who is intrigued by unusual cases, although she is also known for her ability to empathize with the victims of violent crimes.

She joined the force after her mother was murdered and the case was (until the season 5 premiere) unsolved.

Martha Rodgers (Susan Sullivan) is Castle's mother and lives with him and her granddaughter Alexis. She helps her son through the difficulties of raising a teenage girl (even one as mature as Alexis), but is also shown to have an active social life.

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