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Joel, an Australian, had been with the company for eight months and she had never met him before. It was away from the beach which she found too crowded most of the time but liked to visit during quieter periods.The Elland's home was very private on a 5-acre lot that backed onto a scenic man-made lake.

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Take-off always made her a little nervous but once airborne she relaxed and excitement took over.

In three hours or so she would be in the Caribbean, Jamaica to be exact, for an extended period of she hoped would be sex-filled fun in the sun.

***** CHAPTER ONE - ARRIVAL The jet engines roared as the aircraft hurtled down the runway.

Carol Elland closed her eyes and grasped the armrests tightly.

In the beginning, ten years ago, he chose younger men, most often in their thirties.

She trusted his ability to select the right man but was taken aback the first time the young man entered their hotel suite.

From her position in the back seat she could see his broad shoulders, shock of nicely-styled jet black hair with just a hint of premature grey around his temples and tanned profile.

He was a handsome man of about 40 in excellent shape and she smiled to herself at the thought that it wouldn't be such a bad thing having an attractive man like Joel take care of her and that would certainly fit in very nicely with some of her plans. and, of course, bring along your wife or girlfriend," she stammered.

Glenn would describe the man to his wife but she would not see him until they were introduced at the hotel just prior to them having sex.

She found this tremendously exciting and Glenn's choices had never disappointed her.

This quickly dissipated when she discovered the benefits of virile, young men who could ejaculate two or three times during their meeting which often lasted throughout the night.

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