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He made it to fame thanks to his presence in the hit US Network show, “Psych.” Many even consider it as his ticket to success because her fan base drastically increased during those times.Furthermore, he also experienced having been nominated for his excellent performances in different works. His hometown and place of birth is in San Antonio, Texas.

Acting is certainly my first love but writing and directing has been on the ‘to do’ list for a long time.

I'll use the experience I've had on He’s a Music Man During his college years at New York University, Roday was the lead vocalist and keyboard player for the band Dogberry.

“When it was done James turned to me and said he was going to be a movie star someday.

There was a moment of clarity, and I could tell he was serious.

I was about 12 or 13, so I committed to it pretty early on," said Roday in an interview with He Wants to Play the Ultimate Conspirator on Stage Roday, who got his star on the stage at New York University, says his dream role is portraying Cassius, one of Julius Caesar’s conspirators, in William Shakespeare’s play He’s Really a Rodriguez Roday’s real name is James David Rodriguez, but he had to change it because there was already another “James Rodriguez,” a dancer, in the Screen Actors Guild. “At the time I happened to be doing a production of is, sort of, the golden ticket.

It has sped up that, sort of, diversifying process.

He served as the writer for the hit video game series called, “Driver.” Some of his other famous works are “Skinwalkers,” “Gravy,” “Psych: The Movie,” and “Rush Hour.” He also was the one who directed and written what he considers as his latest project, “Treehouse.” He is currently working for “A Million Things,” where he takes on the character of Gray Mendoza. Because of this, many agree that he is going to have a great time in show business, especially if he continues with the current trend of showcasing his talent to the general public.

James Roday has been nominated for a number of awards.

He is of mixed English, Scottish, Mexican, Irish, and Swiss German. Additionally, he is a band member of Dogberry, and he is said to be fond of fruit gub.

James Roday studied and completed his education at the Taft High School located in San Antonio, Texas.

Ultimately though, it's all speculation and what does it matter?

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