Javascript reference validating length

See how to take advantage of this method in this comprehensive tutorial.

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Conditional Compilation of JScript/ Java Script in IE IE supports a little known feature called conditional compilation that selectively compiles any block of JScript or Java Script depending on your script logic.

Think of it as the absolute form of object detection.

Requests can be of three types, and each of them contains a different type of values to be validated.

My question is what are the options to avoid the repetitive code, particularly in the message assignment? If it's passed into the function, then wouldn't the user already has a pointer to it?

This tutorial looks at how to take advantage of DOM Storage in browsers today.

Using document.create Element() to test for browser support for an element Most of us are familiar with using object detection or the Navigator object to check for backing for a given Java Script object or method, but these techniques do not work well when the objective is to check whether the browser supports a particular HTML element, such as the event fires whenever the user moves the mouse wheel either upwards or downwards, and can provide yet another way for users to interact with your Java Script.

Introductory Guide to Regular Expressions Always wanted to learn about Regular Expressions in Java Script?

With this comprehensive yet gentle tutorial on the subject, you'll be on your way to slashing and validating string input using Regular Expressions in no time!

Four Essential Java Script functions to tame CSS3 Transitions and Animations See four Java Script functions that help you unlock the full potential of CSS Transitions and Animations, by pausing them, detecting when they've finished playing, and more.

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